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e-learning course material production service line-up

Service line-up

TOP e-learning course material production service E-books/E-docs

Service line-up


We produce e-books/e-docs based on your internal documentation, technology, and knowhow.

Radar chart of E-books/E-docs We can convert existing documentation from your company into electronic documents.*
In addition to converting existing documents into e-docs, we can also value-add to these documents in order to enhance the learning effect.
Tests used to verify the learning effect, as well as videos, can be incorporated into the e-learning course materials.
As before, through linkages with LMS (Learning Management System), it is possible to keep a log of whether or not students have received the documents that have been distributed.
*Documents are available in various formats, including Word, PDF, and html.

Production fee

30,000 yen (tax exclusive) per book up to 500 pages
For customers using Learning Ware for the first time, we will produce up to five books free of charge
(*Basic service only)

What is Learning Ware?

Sample e-book

Compatible with PC/iPhone/iPad/Android

Compatible with PC/iPhone/iPad/Android he convenient e-books/e-docs are compatible with many devices, including PC/iPhone/iPad/Android, and services range from production to distribution.
e-learning course materials can be viewed using the ActiBook application, which is available for free on the App store/Android market.

Sample of PC version
Sample of tablet/smartphone version

*For iPhone/iPad users, please click here to download the application.
*For Android users, please click here to download the application.
*Please click here to find out more about the operating environment for using this reading application.

We can also create a simple e-book with minimal functions.

Documents created in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format are optimal for conversion into e-books.
*For the basic service, each book of up to 500 pages will cost 30,000 yen (tax exclusive).

[A manual created in Word format]
[A manual created in Word format]
See a sample

[List of functions created in Excel format]
[List of functions created in Excel format]
See a sample

[Sales documents created in PowerPoint]
[Sales documents created in PowerPoint]
See a sample

Introduction of e-book/e-doc functions

  • Rich contents menu
  • Sticky notes
  • Search
  • Print
  • Zoom in
  • Automatic page-turn
  • Pen tool
  • Sharing
  • Crop image

Other e-book/e-doc functions

Audio/video file playback

Use the audio/video file playback function to watch videos of the actual worksite in the manual, or turn the background music on.

Choose the design of the background/button images

The user is free to change the design of the background or the buttons on the menu bar. Customers can also incorporate their company logo into the menu bar.

User log analysis

Customers can analyse user logs by entering the Google Analytics UA code. In addition to finding out the number of hits for an e-book, they can also obtain information about the length of stay on a certain page, or the pages that readers have zoomed in to. They can also check the access situation for each device, such as document views on the PC or views on the iPhone. Of course, user log analysis can be carried out on the iPhone/iPad as well as on a computer.

Functions/Operating environment

PC functions

  • Display thumbnails of all pages
  • Display table of contents
  • Display list of sticky notes
  • Search for keywords within the e-book/e-doc
  • Jump to a specific page
  • Automatic page-turn
  • Page-turn
  • Display all page numbers
  • Zoom in / Zoom out
  • Small window when zooming in
  • Full screen/Change display size
  • Print
  • Print PDF
  • Sticky notes
  • Specify start page for numbering
  • Insert links
  • Pen tool
  • Crop image
  • Sharing/linked operation (*This function requires a PHP execution environment
    through a distribution server.)
  • Display advertisement on the toolbar
  • Audio/video file playback
  • Set background/button image design
  • Other operations
  • Online printing
  • Search and highlight text (*Additional fee)
  • Show advertising frame (*Additional fee)
  • Search across e-books/e-docs (*Additional fee)

iPhone/iPad functions

  • Select reading format (Download/Streaming)
  • Register new book
  • Browsing history
  • Settings/Information
  • Move/Delete book
  • Book information
  • Keyword search
  • Personal bookmarks
  • Personal scrawling function
  • Links
  • Help screen

Android functions

  • Flick to turn page
  • Bookmark a specific page
  • Double-tap to zoom in (currently developing “pinch to zoom in" function)
  • Display double-page spread through
    90-degree rotation
  • Display table of contents in visual and text formats
  • Rich page-turn, shift page-turn modes
  • Viewer mode settings
  • Browsing history bookshelf mode
  • Set audio links/background music
  • Supports in-application browser links
  • Convert link categories into icons
  • Select “Download" or “Streaming"
  • Delete/Move books in the browsing history
  • Maintain zoom-in when moving to another page
  • Encrypted storage of e-learning course materials in SD card

Operating environment

The recommended operating environment for the reading application is as follows.
If your page does not display correctly, your operating environment may not match one of the following recommended operating environments.

computer version operating environment
OS OS Windows XP or later / MacOSX10.5 or later
Browser Windows XP、VISTA、7 / Microsoft Internet Explorer6.0 or later, Firefox3.0 or later, Safari4.0 or later, Google Chrome 10.0 or later Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6, v10.7 Firefox3.0 or later, Safari4.0 or later, Google Chrome 10.0 or later *Please ensure that you have installed the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. *Please enable the JavaScript settings in your browser.

*Display settings other than the above may result in white space on the screen.

Communication environment ADSL Internet connection or faster
If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, please download the program from the following link.
<<Download Adobe Flash Player for free.
iPhone/iPad version compatible devices
Device iPhone 3G/3GS or later, iPod touch, iPad
OS iPhone OS 4.0 or higher
Available Flash drive capacity As page images will be stored temporarily (cache), we recommend having 1GB or more of available capacity.
*Depending on the available capacity in your Flash drive, the number of cached images may vary for each user.
Other Users must be able to connect to the Internet.
The ActiBook application must be downloaded from the App Store and installed.
Rich page-turn Please note that the rich page-turn function (animation for the smooth turning of pages on the application) is not available on devices that have not upgraded to iOS4.
Android version compatible devices
Devices that support OS The latest information on Android OS supported devices is constantly updated on Google play.

*Please note that the above are subject to changes as new functions are constantly being developed. Thank you for your understanding.

*See sample e-learning course material

Price plans

Basic fee (One book*) ¥30,000(up to 500 pages)

* A “book" is the unit of measure that we use for electronic documents. The basic fee is applicable for every one book that is produced.

* PDF (text is not converted to outlines) or PowerPoint files (.ppt/.pptx formats) are also available for purchase.

Options Unit Price (tax exclusive) Explanation
Include external links
(per link)
1 unit ¥500 Please provide a list of page numbers and destination URL links.
Include video(s) 1 item ¥1,000 Please provide the video(s) in FLV format.
Include logo(s) 1 item ¥500 Please provide the logo data in PNG/JPG/GIF format.
Scan paper documents (text search not enabled) 1 page ¥50 Available for 100 pages or more only.
Scan paper documents (text search enabled) 1 page ¥150 Paper documents can be converted using the OCR software.
Conversion is about 95% accurate. Our staff will carry out revisions after the initial conversion.
Set in-book search words 1 page ¥500 Only when text in PDF files has been converted to outlines.
Up to 10 words/1 page
Table of contents in text format(Table of contents already set up in the provided PDF) 1 set ¥10,000 Table of contents already set up in the PDF file
Table of contents in text format(Table of contents not set up in the provided PDF) 1 set ¥30,000 Table of contents not set up in the PDF file
Controller design 1 set ¥50,000~ We can design the icons at the bottom part of the screen and the content panel on the left side of the screen based on customer requests.
Monthly report on access log (Once a month for six months) 1 set ¥50,000 We will provide the following access log results for each page.
  • Hit map (Colour display of book areas that have been zoomed in to)
  • Page views (Number of views for each page)
  • Zoom-in counts (Zoom-in counts for the book)
  • Search (Search words in the book)
  • Links (Number of views for pages and images on the destination link)

*All prices are exclusive of tax.

Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

e-learning course material production service

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