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e-learning course material production service line-up

Service line-up

TOP e-learning course material production service Flash conversion service

Service line-up

Flash conversion service

We convert e-learning course materials originally made in Flash format, so that students can also study them on their tablet or smartphone devices.

It is possible to keep costs to 1/5 of the cost of creating Flash contents from scratch Your company has injected money and effort into creating e-learning contents in Flash format.
"We would like to make use of the contents that we have put effort into producing, so that students can study them on iPad, iPhone, or tablet devices."
"But it costs too much to reproduce them from scratch."
We have good news for companies facing such problems.

We can convert such Flash contents to enable usage on tablets (such as iPad, Android tablets, etc.) and smartphones (iPhone and Android).

Customers can select one of the following distribution formats.

  • Online format: When you do not wish to store course data on your terminal
  • Download and online formats: When you wish to provide an environment that allows students to study even when they are not connected to the Internet

Flash conversion service IMAGE

Sample contents

Examples of Flash content conversion

We converted one of our materials in Flash format into a format that is compatible for iPhone, iPad, and tablet terminals. This is a lecture titled "Beginner's Course for IT Engineers."
Click on the image to playback the sample content.

Before conversion

Flash conversion service SAMPLE

After conversion

Sample content operating environment
OS: Latest version of Windows XP/7, Mac OS X
Browser: Internet Explorer 9 or higher/FireFox/Chrome/Safari/Opera (We recommend using the latest version for all browsers)
Screen resolution: 1024×768 or higher
Plug-in: Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher
About our study application
  • A study app is required to playback the converted material.
  • The use of this app will enable the retention of a study log in the LMS.

Price plans

Content playback time Production cost (tax inclusive)
Content conversion cost 1 Hour ¥375,000

*If you wish to recreate user operation elements (such as quizzes, simulations, etc.) that you have embedded into your Flash contents, please enquire for a separate quotation.

*Please provide us with editable Flash data (.fla format).

*If Flash data (.fla format) is not available, conversion can also be carried out using the data that is used for distribution (.swf format).

Usage fee for study app Unit Selling price (tax inclusive)
Basic customisation fee for the study app(*1) One-time fee ¥567,000
Study app license fee (renewable each year) Per year ¥84,000
(*1)The following is a list of the basic customisation contents for the study app.
1) Original icon (iOS/Android), replacement of splash screen design (iOS only)
2) Change of "Help" image
3) Configuration of authentication data (configuration of recipient of study log and content password)

*If you are currently user of Learningware, you can see students log on management screen.

*Please enquire separately about students' study log if you are not a user of ProSeeds' LMS (Learning Ware).

Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

e-learning course material production service

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