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Production flow

Production flow

TOP e-learning course material production service Production flow

Flow of e-learning course material production

Production flow

Trust ProSeeds to take care of the entire process of the production of your e-learning course materials, from the production of the initial materials to the conversion into e-learning materials.

For example, if you wish to produce course materials for the first time but do not have any scenarios, we can begin the process by creating scenarios for you.
In such cases, we offer proposals of scenarios that are suitable for the learning contents and the students, based on in-depth meetings and consultations with our customers. ProSeeds can also handle the creation of the scenarios for the customer.

For example, if you wish to convert existing textbook materials that you are using in your training courses into data that can be used on the web, ProSeeds can produce storyboards for use as e-learning materials based on your existing materials. We develop e-learning materials after repeated meetings and reviews with our customers.

Step 1: Consultation

Step 1: Consultation We consult with customers to find out what their current situation is like, and what their needs are, and draw up a plan for the development of e-learning course materials.
At the consultation session, we speak to customers to learn more about the concrete ideas they have in mind, as well as their requests. Even if the customers do not have anything concrete in mind, we show them various samples and listen to what they have to say.
We aim to produce the optimal course materials within the customers’ budget and time constraints.

Step 2: Proposal / Quotation

Step 2: Proposal / Quotation Based on the content and target students, we offer proposals for course materials that take into consideration curriculum, compatible devices, presentation, and learning environment.
Using the concept of instructional design (a method used to designing and developing a highly effective training course), we draw up an optimal e-learning course material development plan, as well as cost and schedule estimates.

Step 3: Design

Step 3: Design We draw up design proposals based on the plan, including target design, design of scenario specifications, design of e-learning course material structure, interface design, and design of screen specifications.
Where necessary, we can also produce a sample set of course materials.
Once customers have reviewed and approved the design, we will begin to develop the materials.

Step 4: Development (creation of storyboards)

Step 4: Development (creation of storyboards) We provide scenario writing services to customer, or produce storyboards based on existing materials.
Do you plan to conduct the course in a way that is similar to conducting the course on a lecturer’s podium? Or perhaps inside a store by putting up a dramatic re-enactment of someone overcoming various difficulties to achieve his or her goal? We offer detailed storyboards for customers to check at this stage.

Step 5: Development (digitalising the e-learning course materials)

Step 5: Development (digitalising the e-learning course materials) Based on the storyboards, we will then digitalise the e-learning course materials, such as creating illustrations, shooting videos, recording narrations, and authoring contents.

Step 6: Distributing e-learning materials

Step 6: Distributing e-learning materials The e-learning materials are mounted onto the customer’s LMS and distributed.

Step 7: Analysis / Evaluation

Step 7: Analysis / Evaluation We provide services to collate survey results, analyse course logs, examine points for improvement, and draw up improvement proposals.

Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

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