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LMS functions

System functions

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System functions Learning management

LMS (Learning Management System) functions

Learning management

From following the learning progress of each user, to analysing tests

Learning Ware not only allows the administrator to follow the learning progress of each user, but also facilitates the following:

  • Progress rate distribution for all users
  • Comparison of average scores of test results
  • Comparison of the percentage of correct answers, etc.

The system is equipped not only with functions for displaying results, but also enables the collation of results to provide support for feedback on the learning effect.

Featured functions

Progress management

Progress management
From the administrator's screen, it is possible to verify the number of times a student has logged into the system, and to check on the progress of the course.
It is also possible to identify students based on the period that they have not logged into the system for, and send out mentoring (support) e-mails to these students.

Test results

Test results
The administrator can compare and browse overall average scores and passing scores in test results for each individual user.
They can also check on the percentage of correct answers for each test question.

Collation of average scores

Collation of average scores
The administrator can extract and compare average scores for each group and attribute.

Evaluation of reports

Evaluation of reports
User reports can be registered collectively in batches, thereby allowing for efficient operation.

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LMS (Learning Management System)

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