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LMS functions

System functions

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System functions Task and schedule management

LMS (Learning Management System) functions

Task and schedule management

Learning Ware facilitates the management of tasks ranging from the management of attendance, to the input of daily reports and the management of signing in and out.

ProSeeds' LMS (Learning Ware) not only facilitates the management of the delivery of e-learning courses, but also allows for the integrated management of all training-related administrative tasks. These include the input of daily reports and comments, signing in and out, and accepting course registration.

Featured functions

Daily reports

Daily reports
Administrators can design a template for the daily report by combining single choice, multiple choice, and open-ended questions styles in the response form.
The administrator can also publish comments and utilize the daily report as an OJT tool for reporting on work progress.

Managing attendance

Managing attendance
Administrators can also publish course schedules and call for attendance updates.
Group training management is also possible on the system, with functions such as the setting of class capacity and registration period, publication of file attachments, and downloading a list of applicants.

Signing in and out of work

Signing in and out of work
Stamp on timecards to record the signing in and out of work by employees.
The administrator's screen also allows for the input of reasons for lateness, and can be utilized to manage signing in and out of work during the course.

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LMS (Learning Management System)

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