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LMS functions

System functions

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System functions Course administration

LMS (Learning Management System)

Course administration

Consolidated registration for lectures, tests, surveys, reports, and group training

The e-learning course materials, which have already been put to use, can be mounted onto Learning Ware as long as their formats enable the files to be displayed on a browser. The administrator can also set the timing for awarding credits to a student, such as "when the student opens the course material - after the student has finished viewing the material." The criteria for awarding credits can be set as follows:

  • Students are only allowed to take the course according to the prescribed sequence of the course materials.
  • Only students who have passed the tests are allowed to proceed to the next level of the course.

These functions help encourage students to follow a steady route in their acquisition of knowledge.

Featured functions

Course registration

Course registration
Registration is carried out for five types of curriculum - lectures, tests, surveys, reports, and group training. Administrators can set the criteria for test questions (randomised question setting, fixed question sequence, etc.), register report themes, and carry out other functions.

Lesson registration

Lesson registration
Lesson registration for the lecture mode can be carried out for all files that are viewable on a web browser. Administrators can register and use e-learning materials in HTML or PDF file formats, as well as videos and Flash files.

Question registration

Question registration
Test questions can be registered collectively using a CSV file. Questions can be set in the following styles: single choice, multiple choice, short answer questions, as well as essay questions.
Based on the questions that have been registered, the administrator will then be able to draw up a test that comes with automatic grading functions.

Issuance of certification of completion

Issuance of certification of completion
Administrators can register and/or change data on the certificate of completion, which will be displayed on the screen at the conclusion of the course.

Five types of curriculum

Lectures(e-learning course materials) The registered e-learning course materials are displayed.
E-learning course materials can be registered on the system as long as they are in a format that can be displayed on the browser, such as Flash, html, or videos.
It is compatible with SCORM1.2, so SCORM learning materials can also be registered without any problems.
Tests Questions can be set in the following styles: single choice, multiple choice, and open-ended questions.
Administrators can select from one of the following criteria for setting test questions:
  • Randomised selection of 10 questions from a set of 20 pre-stored questions
  • Categories are set in advance for the questions. The first 10 questions will then be selected from a certain category, while the next 10 questions are selected from another category.
  • A level of difficulty is set for each question, and questions are selected in a way to ensure an even spread for all levels of difficulty.
Surveys Administrators can select from three types of question styles: single choice, multiple choice, and open-ended questions. Surveys that combine multiple questions in different formats can be conducted through the LMS (Learning Management System).
As students can respond to the survey using their smartphones or mobile phones, this system is expected to improve survey collection speed and efficiency. The collected responses can be downloaded as a CSV file to facilitate collation and analysis of results.
Reports Students can submit reports through the LMS (Learning Management System).
In addition to verifying the submission status of reports, administrators can also check the contents, grade the reports on a scale of 0 to 100 points, and give a pass/fail assessment.
Group training In addition to registering the course materials, if information about group training is also registered, it will then be possible to call for participation and registration in group training sessions through the LMS (Learning Management System).
Group training and e-learning can be combined and registered as a single course, and managed in an integrated manner.
For example, e-learning can be carried out before group training, and only those who have passed tests conducted based on the course contents are then allowed to register for group training sessions.
Live lessons
The system allows one lecturer to conduct lessons in live sessions for a large number of students.
Various functions are available on the LMS (Learning Management System). These include uploading materials prior to a lesson, use of the whiteboard, and conducting surveys about the lesson.
Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

LMS (Learning Management System)

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