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LMS functions

System functions

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System functions List of LMS functions

List of LMS(Learning Management System) functions

List of LMS functions

Group managementSeparate users into groups, and assign an administrator to each group. Groups can be managed at three levels.
Attribute managementRegardless of the group that a member belongs in, register user names freely as user attributes (characteristics).
NotificationsIndividual notifications can be sent out to students. Administrators can check for replies from students and insert comments into the replies. They can also verify the browsing history (read/unread notifications), and reply status (replied/not replied).
E-mailsE-mails can be sent out to users. E-mails can go out individually, or to all users at the same time.
AnnouncementsAdministrators can update announcements for individual users.
ScheduleAdministrators can publish schedules and take attendance through the system. They can also identify the students who have not submitted replies on their attendance, and contact these students.
Work attendance logDisplay information on when users signed in and signed out for work. (Display of sign-in and sign-out time, and settings for corrections/attendance status)
List of reportsDisplay the contents of reports submitted by users (such as daily reports). (Display of contents of reports/Allows for input of comments)
Create/change report templatesCreate templates of the reports that are submitted by users. (Registration of question categories / registration of questions (single choice, multiple choice, open-ended)
Registration of schedules/List of schedulesRegister or change schedules. (Register/Change/Delete schedules, set quota for number of people and deadlines, check the status of user applications)
List of personal schedulesPersonal schedules registered by users can be listed up and viewed at the same time. Individual schedules can only be checked by the user and the administrator.
My scheduleThis function enables the input of your own schedule. Schedules can also be registered.
Work attendance functionKeep records of work attendance through a stamping button on the student screen.
Course progressManage the progress of each student in the course. Administrators can follow up on students based on their progress status.
TestsManage the details of tests that students have sat for. Administrators can follow up on students based on their test results.
SurveysVerify the contents and status of responses to surveys (responded/not responded). Administrators can follow up on students based on their survey response statuses.
ReportsManage the evaluation/progress for reports that have been submitted. Administrators can also input comments.
Group trainingAdministrators can evaluate the group training sessions and follow-up on students based on their attendance.
Log-in statusManage students' log-in statuses. Administrators can follow up on students who have not logged in.
Personal dataRegister and generate output of user data in batches, in CSV format.
Course material dataRegister test questions/question categories in batches, in CSV format.
Various logsGenerate output of various logs including students' results and support management information in CSV format.
CoursesRegister courses on the system. Video stills/html files/Flash files and other formats can be used. Supports SCORM1.2. *Not all SCORM logs are reflected.
TestsSelect single choice, multiple choice, or open-ended test questions. Display images as part of the question text or answer choice. Settings are available for test question criteria such as category, level of difficulty, and number of questions, as well as for information such as score allocation, passing score, number of attempts, and test duration. There are also functions for automatic scoring and automatic pass/fail evaluation.
SurveysRegister/respond to surveys. Select from single choice, multiple choice, or open-ended question formats. Attach files as part of the question text or answer choice.
ReportsRegister/submit reports. File attachments, images, etc. can also be used.
Group trainingManage the registration, application, receiving of applications, and registration changes, etc. in batches. File attachments and images are accepted as part of the registration process.
Certificate of completionIssue certificates of completion after the course ends. Register original certificates of completion into the system.
DiarySeparate diaries that come with images into categories and register them into the system. Other students may input comments into the diaries. Diaries can be set to "public" view.
Notice boardSet up a notice board to release/share information. Images can be uploaded onto the notice board.
CommunityCreate/change communities for each category. Look up, create, and update events and topics. RSVP on attendance for events. Communities can be set to "public" view.
MessagesStudents can send one another messages.
ProfilesProfile displays can show various information, including profile picture, self-introduction, e-mail addresses, etc. Profiles can be set to "public" view.
ChatsStudents, or students and administrators, can communicate with one another in real-time.
Sales registration functionTo create a registration screen, simply select the payment method and register the course that you wish to sell.
Credit-card payment functionSupports payment by various types of credit cards, as well as payment through the convenience store.
Live functionLive distribution is enabled on Learning Ware. Through this function, students can attend live lessons from any part of the country (optional).
Support managementManage various response logs in batches, such as enquiries from students and the corresponding responses. Respond swiftly to various enquiries based on information from the log-in log and unauthorized log-in log.
FAQBy setting enquiries and the corresponding responses to "Publish as FAQ," the enquiry and response will be registered as a frequently asked question, and made available for viewing by other users.
Other functions
Menu settingsAdjust settings to enable or disable the display of the top page menu after logging in.
Facility reservation functionSet the menu title, name of location, location settings, and facility/equipment settings.
LinksDisplay a list of links.
Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
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LMS (Learning Management System)

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