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LMS (Learning Management System) features

System features

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System features Customisation

LMS (Learning Management System) features

We are able to provide support for customisation needs because our system was developed in-house.

Different companies face different issues and have different training methods.
ProSeeds' "Learning Ware" system can meet these needs through customisation of the system, and become the exact form of LMS that customers are looking for.

Our customers are companies that introduce the LMS system in order to resolve the issues they are facing, so it is natural for different companies to face different issues. Therefore, it is also natural that the LMS (Learning Management System) that should be implemented differs for each company. This is even truer with regards to training methods; in fact, there are as many training methods as there are many companies. This is our perspective.
ProSeeds' "Learning Ware" system can be customised flexibly to meet the demands of our customers, in order to provide support for the diverse issues that companies face, as well as the many varied training methods that they use. Amongst the companies that have considered the introduction of the LMS (Learning Management System), many decided not to adopt the system as the packaged LMS (Learning Management System) had not been adequate for achieving the results they anticipated. To solve such problems, ProSeeds launched a system customisation service.
Functions that have already been incorporated into the "Learning Ware" system, including group training management, as well as the setting of time limit on tests and restrictions on the number of times a student can sit for a test, were in fact developed based on customer needs. "Learning Ware" will continue to evolve and develop based on the feedback we receive from our customers.

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Connection with internal groupware

We would like to allow students to attend lessons directly from our internal groupware!

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Connect groupware with Learning Ware through single log-in authentication.
Based on the request from a customer to display course attendance function as a groupware function, we have customised the system to allow students to access the course list page directly after logging into Learning Ware, instead of returning them to the top page.

Design customisation

We want to change the layout and design of each Learning Ware page to match our in-house training materials!

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Customers can change the design and layout freely based on their needs.

Addition of test question formats

We want to allow different individuals to change the test questions that are set.
We want to enable the revision of the same question after just one test!

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There are two standard formats for test questions: fixed, or randomised. Please select the randomised format. Currently, the questions change each time a student sits for the test. However, customisation allows the same questions to be set from the second time the student sits for the test and thereafter.

Setting the order of priority for courses

For example, when there are two courses titled A and B, we would like to make the completion of course A as a compulsory criteria for the registration for course B.

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Customisation makes it possible to accord attributes for order of priority for courses, such that courses are displayed according to their order of priority.
Another possible scenario would be that students are not allowed to take course C if they do not complete courses A and B. This can be achieved by according courses A and B the same order (order 1), and course C a different order (order 2).

Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

LMS (Learning Management System)

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