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LMS (Learning Management System) features

System features

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System features Credit-card payment functions

LMS (Learning Management System) features

Start an e-learning business using our credit-card payment functions!

Customers can select the option of adding a sales registration function to their e-learning courses. Those who are thinking of entering the e-learning business can launch their businesses quickly using these capabilities.

"We would like to disseminate our internal knowhow through our e-learning courses!" For those who wish to do so, we can provide a sales registration function as an optional function for e-learning courses.
For credit-card payments, member registration and billing are completed through the registration process, and an e-mail is sent out automatically to notify the user of his or her user ID and password for accessing the course.
For payments made at convenience stores, a payment number is issued during application. The user provides this number at the convenience store counter or multimedia terminal. Once the number has been authenticated, membership registration is completed automatically, and a user ID and password are sent out automatically via e-mail.

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Users can easily create a registration screen, simply by selecting the payment method and registering the course that they wish to sell. The following payment methods are available: credit-card payment, interbank transfer, and transfer via Japan Post. Users can also configure the fees and other settings if they wish to extend the course duration or change the course price.

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LMS (Learning Management System)

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